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We'll focus on your mindset and the right marketing actions to take

Feel excitement for your business and where you're heading

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It's your business, and it is personal.

You understand the general idea of marketing. And you even know that as a business owner, you have to market your business. Even if you hire out, you're still the one steering the boat.

But your nose is pressed to the mirror so close that you can't see what's working and what's not.

Breathe a sigh of relief. Nothing's wrong with you.


Stepping back and seeing your masterpiece with clarity is just plain tough.

At SORT projects, we'll guide you through a marketing with confidence framework so you can say, "goodbye dread and hello certainty."

The best plan is the one you stick with

Having a marketing plan and following through with it will boost confidence and growth in your business.


Hi, I'm Jeri!

Helping business owners just like you get unstuck from marketing and brand gloom. Providing solutions and ideas that help you achieve freedom from hitting a wall in your business.


In a simple and honest way!


With 20+ years of brand and marketing experience at Fortune 1000 companies, I know what it takes to get your ideal clients’ attention.

Ready for a marketing plan you'll actually use?


Schedule a call

A non-sales call to discover a good fit for your business.


Get a focused plan

A brand or marketing plan tailored to your business priorities.


Experience clarity

A clear path to marketing your business with confidence.

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